An innovative assistance system for ensuring teaching AND administrative continuity

Published on May 3, 2020 by - Updated on 27 juillet 2020 à 15H40

Since the announcement of the closing of schools related to the acceleration of COVID-19, schools and universities have very quickly put in place, a new way of ensuring their teaching but also administrative missions. Since the beginning of lock-down, the Kosmos teams have therefore been fully mobilised to keep the teaching, social and administrative links open between the schools and universities and the families via our Skolengo digital solution.

Mobilisation of Kosmos teams for guaranteeing an operational solution

During the first days of the lock-down, the exponential growth of usage caused temporary access difficulties. The situation was rapidly rectified within 3 days thanks to innovative measures taken very rapidly by the Kosmos teams in collaboration with the municipalities, the academic authorities and the schools and universities. To supplement these actions, good connection practices were sent to users. Thanks to observance of these, the platform is again totally operational.

Maintaining of assistance during an un-heard of situation

Our user assistance teams operate normally and are ready to listen by e-mail and by telephone depending on the modalities of your project. To know your personal contact person depending on your project and your profile, connect to

The Kosmos teams of course remain mobilised to help you keep the social, educational and administrative links between the schools and universities and the families.