Career Path Explorer: the high school student and post secondary students guide for choosing their path

Published on November 18, 2019 by Clémentine - Updated on December 22, 2020

Kosmos was selected for its “Career Path Explorer (ExP)” project in the framework of a call for projects from PIA Orientation (Investment in the future programme) launched by the Ministries of National Education and of Higher Education and Research and the Caisse des dépôts

After strategic monitoring and consideration of the tools of tomorrow for Educational Counselling, in partnership with the University of Toulouse III-Paul Sabbatier and the Pixis company, the Kosmos Next teams proposed a fun, innovative digital service for high school students and post secondary students. The purpose of the Career Path Explorer developed by the Kosmos Solutioning teams was to make university course offerings more visible and to allow secondary school students to explore the different offerings in order to project themselves into their future professions and their employment prospects.

An innovative e-service for choosing their career path

The call for projects “MOOC and digital solutions for Educational Counselling for higher education” from the “Educational innovation territories” action of the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (P.I.A.) [Future Investment Programme], was launched on the national scale for developing high quality digital resources in order to improve the transition “bac-3/bac+3” by assisting high school students and future students to orient themselves towards sectors the most appropriate to their profile and their project.

With the Career Path Explorer developed by the Kosmos Solutioning teams, high school students and future students will be able to explore the field of possibilities for choosing a professional career related to their centres of interest and their skills. This solution has been designed to improve the link between the pursuit of possible studies, the gateways/reorientations possible, the targeted professions and employment perspectives.
Using an internet portal that can be accessed from any type of terminal (computer, tablet or smartphone), future students can explore a catalogue of courses from several entry paths: profession, centres of interest and skills. They can then make a comparison between the different pre-selected course programmes.

Finally, they have the possibility of simulating their career path within a diploma (Bachelor’s degree presented by subject, University Technological Diploma, etc.), semester after semester or year after year, while consulting the details of their content (subject, course, skills).

The tool also offers them a summary of the simulated path which they can use while sending their choices to Parcoursup [Higher Education Entry System] and their registration with educational establishments. Secondary school students will thus have access to all the possible opportunities depending on their choice of curriculum: search for professions, continuation of studies (allowing them to access a particular profession), gateways or reorientations.

The Career Path Explorer also provides a space dedicated for future students, allowing them to easily find all the information on the searches they have made related to their course choices: their saved searches, their list of favourite curricula, their simulations and their comparisons of targeted professions, etc. And to encourage the student in their search for information, a virtual counsellor will assist them in their exploration.

A unique partnership between Kosmos, government services and operators

Kosmos has already developed solutions for government services or its operators in the framework of their mission of information and Educational Counselling, in particular with Onisep’s Folios or with the PEC - Portfolio of Experience and Skills, in the university environment. Their experience in Educational Counselling has allowed them to offer an innovative solution to facilitate the search for information in view of a student’s future profession. It is thanks to a partnership with the University of Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, and this collaboration with the Pixis company that this project has seen the light of day.
By bringing together their skills and professional knowledge, this partnership will allow an innovative tool to be developed offering complementary features for meeting the expectations and answering questions from future students in the framework of their Educational Counselling.

In the context of the law of Educational Counselling and the success of the student, this solution responds to the issue of career path visibility while integrating the topic of making curricula more flexible, the tailoring of educational paths, splitting programmes into modules and a new approach per sets of skills. This tailoring of the educational paths in fact moves towards replacing the concept of a linear curriculum in higher education, in particular after secondary school, leaving a place for a path more adapted to each individual and the world of employment.