Gesmat secures the distribution of 110,000 computers in the Grand Est region.

Published on September 18, 2019 by - Updated on 22 décembre 2020 à 15H38

Since the beginning of the 2018 school year, the specialist in the digital transformation for education, Kosmos, has assisted the Grand Est region in its ambitious digital education plan: Lycee 4.0.

The goal of this project is to connect all secondary schools in the region while providing the students and the educational community with all the tools necessary for the educational challenges. Hence the establishment of WiFi in all schools and access to diverse digital resources, free of charge.

In the framework of this digital education plan, the Resources Access Management (RAM) has been established to guarantee access to digital resources for students and teachers via Skolengo, while ensuring personal data protection. After having deployed the EMS “Mon Bureau Numérique” in more than 840 schools, Kosmos has developed a new tailored application via Kosmos Solutioning for securing the massive distribution of computers intended to give to students at the beginning of the 2019 school year.

A new tailored digital service in support of the Lycée 4.0 project

Over the last two school years, the Grand Est region has already equipped more than 40,000 students via a family assistance programme. With the extension of this system, the region decide to equip 110,000 students with portable computers at the beginning of the 2019 school year. This deployment constitutes a first on the scale of a region and involves a real challenge for dematerialisation, security and distribution logistics.
Through its Kosmos Solutioning activity, Kosmos offered a tailored service for assisting the Grand Est region in this large-scale deployment.Kosmos developed and deployed the GESMAT module within an extremely short period of 4 months. This tailored application guaranteed the smooth, controlled distribution with a very high rhythm of several thousand units per day at the beginning of the school year. This tool was also designed to rely on different school databases in order to guarantee an up-to-date, legitimate and secure attribution of the hardware to the students. Thanks to this application, the region could thus build up its stock as close as possible to its needs and to monitor the distribution in real-time. In 3 weeks, 110,000 computers were distributed in nearly 300 schools. The dematerialisation of the process and the precise adjustment of stocks of hardware brought real savings.


Gesmat facilitates and secures the distribution of computers in schools

On the first day of school, a simple, quick process using the Gesmat application will allow computers to be distributed to each eligible student. The distribution process takes place with only 2 actions for the student:

  • The student goes to a first counter where a distributor checks on the GESMAT application and, via a barcode associated with their name, verifies whether or not they are eligible to receive a computer. The eligible student then receives and an envelope with a bar code associated with the computer which will be given to them.
  • The student then goes to a 2nd distributor who scans the barcode given by the first agent and gives the student the computer after scanning the barcode to ensure tracking.

With the scanner, all this information is automatically filled in the application which allows the legitimacy of the hardware attribution to be guaranteed. The application can respond to many situations which can happen on the day of the distribution. With a few clicks, the distributor can check whether a student not present on the list is or is not eligible for receiving the computer. It is an effective means of justifying to the student why they will not receive a computer. For example, the student has already received a computer in the previous year and is therefore not eligible to receive another computer.

The application provides a dashboard which allows the Region and the schools to monitor the proper conduct of the distribution in real-time.


With Kosmos Solutioning, Kosmos has been able to offer a tailored solution to respond to this very large operation.