Kosmos reinvents itself to clarify its offer in France and abroad

Published on January 23, 2020 by Clémentine - Updated on 27 juillet 2020 à 15H09

Kosmos is developing its identity by creating 3 new brands founded on 3 principles: innovation, adaptability and security. Our desire: to offer upgradable digital solutions, adapted and customised, meeting the new challenges of the educational system.

The world of education is changing, we must change with it!

Why a new identity?

The world of education is in constant evolution. Confronted with new challenges related to the irruption of digital approaches at every level, the educational system must constantly adapt to offer stakeholders in education, the digital solutions to help them in their activities. This is why Kosmos is transforming itself and upgrading its identity with the creation of 3 brands (Kosmos next, Kosmos solutioning and Skolengo) allowing it to clarify its offer of digital solutions with all the educational stakeholders in France and abroad.

3 new brands in phase with its raison d’être for more than 20 years: developing innovative and efficient digital solutions for education

With Kosmos next, Kosmos wants to reaffirm its investment in research and development that is part of the DNA of the company (25% of its annual turnover has been dedicated to R&D, these last years). By surrounding itself with experts (cognitive scientists, sociologists, specialist in new technologies) and players in the field, the teams stay watchful of new issues and challenges , working on new topics emerging in the world of education: apprenticeship tracking, artificial intelligence contributions, personal data protection, etc. Together, they offer innovative solutions adapted to a more-and-more connected, personalised and adaptive school.

Being engaged in programmes of investment for the future, Kosmos in particular has been the winner of a call for projects for PIA orientation (Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir) launched by the Ministries of National Education, Higher Education and Research and the Caisse des Dépôts, with its project “Explorator de parcours (ExP) [Career Explorer]”. In partnership with the University of Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier and the Pixis company, the Kosmos next teams have proposed an innovative digital service for Educational Counselling, with the goal of making University course offerings more visible, allowing High School students to explore the different Educational Counselling possibilities in order to focus themselves more easily on their future profession and their chances of employment.

Our responsibility, even more so today that yesterday, is to assist with the new issues and challenges in the world of education, to the benefit of all education stakeholders. Jean Planet, CEO of Kosmos.


With Kosmos solutioning, Kosmos highlights the uniqueness of its double expertise, professional and technical, by offering custom solutions to stakeholders in education.

This new brand is founded on our professional knowledge, our technical and operational expertise for offering our clients the most innovative services, apt to facilitate the exercise of their activities according to their needs. By deploying an ultra collaborative method of working composed of co-construction and learning, the Kosmos solution teams offer personalised accompaniment at all levels of the project. Jean Planet, CEO of Kosmos

Online registration at the University of Nantes, the internet site of the Campus of Condorcet, the Gestmat application for the Grand Est Region, so many new digital services co-developed with its clients in 2018 and 2019.

Historically, Kosmos developed and deployed the Digital Workspace. Kosmos is now going beyond the classic Digital Workspace by launching Skolengo Educational Management Software (EMS). A multi-service platform accessible in SaaS mode, Skolengo offers both the classic modules of a Digital Workspace and the management and administration services to meet all the needs of a teaching or training school. The vivid colours and illustrations of Skolengo brings a dynamic and playful impetus to the solution, reinforcing proximity with the final users.

Our new identity now expresses our ambition to be of service to all stakeholders in education: the world of education is changing, we must change with it!