Integration & Development

Solid mastery of web and mobile technologies

With more than 20 years of know-how and an excellent mastery of web technologies, Kosmos develops specific solutions and professional services that integrate into their client’s information system.

Integration into an information system

Kosmos solutioning’s tailored solutions integrate perfectly into the client’s information systems:
  • More than 20 years of experience in educational and training information systems
  • Expertise on SSO authentication issues and user data entry (multi-source directories with several million entries)
  • Internal technical expertise and complementary technologies (K-Sup, Moodle, etc.)

Methodology based on Agile/Devops principles

  • Rapid start-up of the creation, schedule guaranteeing and adherence to the assigned budget
  • Guarantee of achievement of objectives; constant prioritising of developments
  • Conduct of tests throughout the process
  • Adaptation of the solution to last minute changes of needs, up until the last sprint

Tailored projects

Kosmos offers tailored solutions, adapted to the needs of their clients and responding to their issues: 
  • Design of web portals for Major University or Higher Education School
  • Design and production of service portal
  • Outsourcing of implementation of a professional application...
Apart from designing digital services, the Kosmos teams ensure the operation, maintenance and hosting while guaranteeing their execution in terms of response time, quality, budget and security.

Innovation at the heart of our developments

The R&D teams work in collaboration with experts (cognitive scientists, new technologies specialists, sociologists, etc.) and players in the field to dream up innovative solutions adapted to the new challenges of teaching establishments, such as advanced searching (Elastic Search), e-business (newsletter tracking, CRM interface, etc.), geolocation, etc.

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