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kosmos next

Innovation for Education

Innovation, research and development have constituted the DNA of the company ever since its creation. With Kosmos next, Kosmos is taking the next step.
A key player in EdTech, Kosmos is working to develop innovative solutions adapted to schools which are more and more connected, personalised and adaptive.
With Kosmos next, the future of education goes hand in hand with the present.

Keeping watch over the new challenges and issues which are impacting the education system with consortium of experts:

  • artificial intelligence specialitsts,
  • sociologists,
  • specialists in new technologies,
  • players in the field.

R&D department integrates new themes into their action :

  • IA
  • Learning traces
  • Protection of personal data
  • Big data

Tailor-made solutions to meet the future challenges of the world of education 

Based on the research and studies carried out, Kosmos solutioning offers educational players solutions at the cutting edge of technologies that meet the digital needs of tomorrow for those involved in the education system.

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