Mon Bureau Numérique [My Digital Office]

Mon Bureau Numérique [My Digital Office]

The EMS of junior and high schools in the Grand Est region

mon bureau numérique
mon bureau numérique


Who are they ?

Mon Bureau Numérique [My digital office] is the name of the EMS project initiated by a brand-new territorial control group reuniting the Grand Est region, the Educational Authorities of Reims, Strasbourg and Nancy-Metz, the DRAAF and 10 department councils (Ardennes, Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle, Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin et Vosges).

It concerns 841 public, private and agricultural schools and universities and 413,000 students.

Stated needs

The communities, three school boards and the DRAAF sought to bring the education community of the whole teaching network together around a single point of access to benefit from a range of efficient digital services: Skolengo (EMS).

In line with the challenges of the Lycée 4.0 (High-School 4.0) programme and those specifically handled by the counties, the goal of Mon Bureau Numérique is to favour the educational success for students, to bring the school and families closer and to develop new collaborative, teaching practices using today’s digital innovations and to combat computer illiteracy.

“Skolengo offers a secure educational ecosystem, more accessible to the educational community. It will contribute to the development of “Digital Education” planned for in the Lycée 4.0 programme.”

Jean-François VENDRAMINI Manager of Digital Education in the Grand Est Region

The challenge was, within 3 months, to deploy Skolengo, available as SaaS, uniformly throughout the great majority of schools and universities (700 schools and universities deployed). The project team also wished to establish a global teaching system and dedicated assistance for the education community. They also wanted to reuse the Moodle platform, harmonising its operational perimeter as well as its advanced integration into the EMS.

The project

To ensure the tool was rapidly available, Kosmos put in place a customised training programme for the 10 counties, as well as for the region. 23 trainers have been mobilised for 196 sessions over 6 weeks to train nearly 700 schools and universities.

The Mon Bureau Numérique EMS offers a complete range of services covering school life, teaching, collaborative and communication tools.

The advanced integration of high added value domain services into the system makes the EMS a major lever for integrating digital technology into the educational ecosystem. From a technical point of view, Kosmos has performed the advanced integration of Moodle while providing its hosting and its maintenance.

The incorporation of professional systems such as Moodle bring added value to the teacher's missions. Educational programmes become long-lasting.

Jean-François VENDRAMINI Manager of Digital Education in the Grad Est Region

Moreover, each school has a public internet portal for communicating with the educational community: registration procedures, school meals, grants, educational activities, etc.

The main services Skolengo offers are available via a dedicated mobile app which can be downloaded from the different stores.

The features of Mon Bureau Numérique will allows us to communicate better, collaborate better and distinguish learning programmes better.
EMS Project Manager for the DANE of the Nancy-Metz Educational Board


With 841 schools and universities and close to 1.5 million users, Mon Bureau Numérique is the largest digital educational project in Europe.

Based on its professional know-how and technical skill, Kosmos has demonstrated its ability to develop and lead major projects. The entire project perfectly adhered to the stated budget and deadlines.

The integrated SaaS approach is very flexible and efficient. It allows very widespread deployment to be achieved with a high level of personal data security. It helped make the school’s information system uniform, reduces its complexity and its investment and operating costs.

In the framework of the Lycées 4.0 project, the Grand Est region is a major national pilot in the implementation of Ministry of National Education’s Resource Access Management (RAM) project. Moreover, this RAM project has been extended to 634 schools and universities. This wide, territorial deployment of the RAM project via the Skolengo EMS is unique in France.


Key figures


413 000

1.5 million
million end users

Key points

  • Volume : 1.5 million users 100% SAAS: Skolengo is an integrated J2EE solution
  • Interoperability: professional connectors in SSO, Moodle, RAM, etc.
  • SSO: 6 authentication wickets managed by regional educational authorities prefiguring Educonnect
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Deployment to 700 schools and universities in less than 3 months
  • Community: hosting of school networks