The all-in-one solution

Skolengo is a multi-service platform, accessible in SaaS mode, designed to meet all of the needs of a teaching school or training establishment.

10 good reasons to start using it

  • Modular
  • Open
  • Adapted
  • Evolving
  • Simple
  • Collaborative
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Mobile
  • Multi-lingual


A global and modular solution

Modular, customisable, scalable and open to the outside, our MIS solution or EMS (Education Management System) simplifies the functioning of the school in all its components:

  • Teaching,
  • Schooling,
  • Administration & Management,
  • Internal & external Communication

Skolengo can be defined according to primary, secondary or higher education levels and opens the way to the digitalisation of places of learning in all their diversity.

To simplify school life

  • A completely integrated SaaS solution, accessible on all your screens
  • Simple, intuitive browsing
  • Platform adapted for primary schools and secondary schools, through to higher, technical and continuous education
  • Skolengo integrates with your information system
  • Complies with GDPR

How can we help you reduce your operating costs?

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Skolengo Academy

  • A website created by and for our users
  • Profiled and adapted resources (from primary school to higher education)
  • Learn about new features of the solution
  • Training throughout the year onsite and in a virtual class

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