Application Management

Service quality commitments

Digital applications and the needs of your users continuously evolve. To best meet your expectations and those of your users, Kosmos undertakes to maintain the quality of service of your digital applications with a team dedicated to your project.

Preventive maintenance

when there is a security breach or an anomaly is identified which could lead to data loss, a preventive procedure is systematically applied by the Application Management team:
  • Verification of the presence of a breach or anomaly in the solution
  • Installation of a patch
  • Opening of a ticket on the signalling platforms for monitoring the delivery of the patch

Adaptative maintenance

This activity allows all interventions to be covered, aimed at maintaining the application in perfect working order if there is a change of the technical base because of the transfer to new versions:
  • Operating systems
  • Database management systems
  • Changes in Internet browsers
  • Changes in third-party services’ APIs

Corrective maintenance

Depending on the severity of the incidents:
  • blocking,
  • major non-blocking,
  • non major/non-blocking,
the Kosmos teams offer the guarantee of intervention time or the re-establishment time (GIT/GRT) of between 12h and 48h as appropriate.

Change management

To guarantee the long-term satisfaction of your users, our teams will assist you in developing new features or to improve your interfaces according to your needs.

Their excellent reactivity allows them to meet your demands rapidly.

Regulation maintenance

Application Management teams integrate new regulations within the solutions: GDPR compliance, etc.


Technical Support department

To declare your reports, the support team can be contacted through two channels:
  • By telephone
  • On the reporting platform: authenticated access and automatic notification by e-mail of the progress in the treatment of reports
The team provides 3 levels of support:
L1 Support

Level 1 support covers taking into account calls, questions or requests for assistance coming from final users of the solution. If Level 1 support is not able to answer the request, the request is passed up to level 2 support.

L2 Support

Level 2 support covers taking into account incidents or requests for assistance coming from level 1 support teams, via the level 2 support’s reporting platform. Level 2 support can be reached via the reporting platform 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, accessible with an authenticated account. Level 2 support can also be contacted by telephone (from 9 AM to 5.30 PM during Kosmos working days), for any incident of blocking severity, previously reported on the reporting platform and requiring rapid and coordinated intervention.
When level 2 support is not able to answer your request, it is passed up to level 3.

L3 Support

Level 3 support covers the taking into account of software anomalies coming from level 2 support, via the level 3 reporting platform. It is provided by Kosmos in the framework of Application Management service. The (Kosmos) level 2 support teams are the only persons authorised to contact the level 3 support.

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