Hosting & Facilities Management

A global commitment to service quality

Kosmos assures the maintenance in operational condition of all its clients’ critical equipment throughout their operational lifetime. Through Facilities Management and Hosting, Kosmos allows its clients to calmly concentrate on their core profession in total security.

A commitment to service quality (SLA)

In complement to Application Management, the Kosmos team performs Facilities Management on all elements for which they are responsible:

  • Infrastructure,
  • Operating Systems
  • Software components

It provides security and availability of the network, the servers and the applications.

Interventions combining technical and professional expertise

  • Monitoring: monitoring of availability and performance
  • Performance monitoring: installation of specific monitoring of the user’s availability and performance via several access points to be measured
  • Incident management: intervention by the Kosmos team 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week and 365 days-a-year
  • Updating versions, installing patches and upgrading the OS
  • Optimising and ramp-up

Backup and restoration

  • Daily backup of data without impacting production performance
  • Restoration of hosted data

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