Third-party application maintenance

Service quality commitments

Digital applications and the needs of your users are constantly evolving. To best meet your expectations and those of your users, Kosmos is committed to maintaining a high quality of service for your digital applications, with a team dedicated to your project.

maintenance préventive kosmos
maintenance préventive kosmos

Preventive maintenance

When a security flaw or anomaly that could lead to data loss is identified, a preventive procedure is systematically applied by the TMA team:
  • Verification of the presence of the flaw or anomaly in the solution
  • Install patch
  • Open a ticket on the reporting platform to track the delivery of this patch
maintenance adaptative kosmos
maintenance adaptative kosmos

Adaptive maintenance

This activity covers work to keep the application in perfect working order in the event of changes to the technical base as a result of porting to new versions:
  • Operating system
  • Database management systems
  • Web browser upgrades
  • API upgrades for third-party services

Corrective maintenance

Depending on the severity of the incident :
  • blocking,
  • major non-blocking
  • non-blocking/non-major,
Kosmos teams offer a guaranteed response or recovery time (GTI/GTR) of between 12h and 48h.
maintenance corrective kosmos
maintenance corrective kosmos

Upgradeable maintenance

To guarantee the long-term satisfaction of your Users, our teams will work with you to develop new functions or upgrade your interfaces according to your needs.

They are highly responsive, and your requests are satisfied as quickly as possible.
maintenance évolutive kosmos
maintenance évolutive kosmos

Regulatory maintenance

Our TMA teams integrate new regulations into our solutions:
Ministry of Education recommendations, RGPD compliance...

How does Kosmos protect personal data?
maintenance réglementaire kosmos
maintenance réglementaire kosmos

Assistance service

To report your concerns, the support team can be reached via two channels:
  • By telephone
  • On the reporting platform: authenticated access and automatic email notification of progress in processing reports
The team provides 3 levels of support:
Support N1

Level 1 support covers taking into account requests, questions or requests for assistance from end-users of the solution.
If level 1 support is unable to respond to a request, it escalates the request to level 2 support.

N2 support

Level 2 support covers the handling of incidents or requests for assistance issued by level 1 support teams, via the level 2 support reporting platform. Level 2 support is accessible via the 24/7 reporting platform with an authenticated account.. Level 2 support can also be reached by telephone (from 9am to 5:30pm on Kosmos working days), for any incident of blocking severity previously reported on the reporting platform, requiring a rapid and coordinated response.
If level 2 support is unable to respond, it will escalate the request to level 3 support.

N3 support

Level 3 support covers the handling of software anomalies reported by level 2 support teams, via the level 3 support reporting platform. It is provided by Kosmos as part of the TMA service..
The level 2 support teams (Kosmos) are the only ones authorized to contact level 3 support.

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