Explorasup is aimed at all higher education establishments wishing to help high school students with their post-baccalaureate orientation. It provides a global view of all the training paths and reorientation gateways offered by the grandes écoles and universities. By modeling these career paths, high school students can project themselves into their future careers and make informed choices about their Orientation.

Explorasup responds to the challenges of Educational counselling by :

  • Providing schools with an interactive interactive showcase of their training offer,
  • Enabling high school students to model their training program quickly and easily,
  • offering further studies but also reorientation pathwaysin line with High school students' career goals.

What is Explorasup? Our business expert explains in 2 minutes!

Why choose Explorasup?

Clarity of training offer

Give high school students the opportunity to explore the full range of programs offered by your School or School network (campus).

Ease of use

Get to grips with the tool quickly, thanks to an ergonomic, intuitive Settings interface.

A new experience for High school students

Simplify post-baccalaureate Orientation choices for High school students with a playful exploration tool, designed in collaboration with universities and students.

Explorasup's main features

For grandes écoles and universities

  • Synchronous visualization of curriculum data modifications
  • Import and synchronize Repository data from your training catalog via connectors: Apogée/Pégase, Aurion, Yparéo...
  • Display of progressive specializations as part of the reform of new university curricula
Visualisation synchrone des modifications de données d'un cursus
Visualisation synchrone des modifications de données d'un cursus

Synchronous visualization of curriculum data modification
Exploration formations mode galaxie
Exploration formations mode galaxie

Galaxy-style exploration of the School's training offer

For high school students

  • Fun, multi-criteria search by field (visual galaxy exploration), location (mapping), keyword...
  • Records presenting training courses and possible pathways to your future career
  • A breakdown of the subjects taught in each course, and the Skills required for informed Orientation.
  • A chronological and concise representation of the different stages of the Graduate program
  • Direct access to Onisep job records to help you plan your professional life