Why Explorasup?

As part of the PIA Orientation (Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir) attendance register launched by the French Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Research and Caisse des Dépôts, Kosmos was selected for its "Educational counselling" project.ducation Nationale, Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche and Caisse des Dépôts, Kosmos was selected for its "Explorasup" project.Explorasup"(formerly known as Pathfinder or ExP).
  • The Attendance register: "MOOC and digital solutions for guidance to higher education".MOOCs and digital solutions for Orientation towards higher education "of the "Territoires d'innovation pédagogique" action of the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (P.I.A.)launched on a national scale.
  • Its aim: to develop high-quality Digital resources toimprove the "bac-3 / bac+3" transition by helping future high school students, to find the Educational counselling best suited to their profiles and plans.

logo explorasup - Kosmos
logo explorasup - Kosmos

More about Explorasup

Our partners

Various stakeholders were involved right from the project design stage to meet the real needs identified. The Kosmos team developed Explorasup in partnership with leading universitiesuniversities a company specializing in education and high school studentsfrom the Regional education authorities of Nantes and Nice.

Because a demo is worth a thousand words!

Step 1: The training search interface

Following discussions with its partners, the Kosmos team has developed a fun platform. It enables High school students to easily search for a training by field of study, keywords or location of interest to them, or search by search according to profession.
It offers a global view of the training on offer in galaxy modegalaxy list mode or in map mode (location) mode.When searching by profession, the platform will propose results based on the Onisep professions Repository.

Explorasup-orientation- galaxie
Explorasup-orientation- galaxie
We found it interesting to present the range of training options from several points of entry. In this way, new students will be able to open up training options they might not otherwise have thought of, by searching by outlet or specialization.
Gilles ROBIN, IT developer, NCU-ANR "MonPassPro" project, Université Clermont Auvergne

Step 2: simulating different possible routes

The structure of higher education courses is complex. Prospective students need to be able to find out quickly about the course of study on offer, without being overwhelmed by written information scattered all over the site.
That's why Explorasup provides future students with :
  • A timeline offering a simplified view of the training pathway
explorasup-timeline-parcours de formation
explorasup-timeline-parcours de formation

The timeline presentation enables High school students to visualize at a glance at a glance.
High school students have access to a first level of information about their course. Additional information (presentation of the course, subjects studied, Skills and locations) is provided on the right-hand side.

Raphaël, a student in his final year at a High school in Nice, took part in the User workshops when the solution was being designed:Explorasup makes it easy to find a course. The tool is simple and intuitive. In just a few clicks, once you've chosen your search criteria, you have access to all the information you need to make an informed choice about your course.
Pascal Imberdis, Deputy Head of Communications Services, Université Clermont Auvergne:
The modeling tool is well organized. The presence of the tree in the domain section is a real plus, making it easy to visualize the full range of courses and enabling High school students to project themselves into their course of study.

  • Progressive specializations linked to the training chosen
In response to the reform of the new university curricula, the interface also gives High school students the opportunity to discover the progressive specializations available in their first years of study.
Explorasup-spécialisations progressives
Explorasup-spécialisations progressives
  • An overview of how to continue your studies

Explorasup-la poursuite d'étude
Explorasup-la poursuite d'étude
In just a few clicks, High school students can discover all the courses compatible with the course of study they are considering. In this way, they can easily plan their future studies.

According to Ali Douai, lecturer at the Université Côte d'Azur:
With Explorasup, High school students who have already built up part of their career path in the new general baccalaureate will be able to break down their objectives into career paths, and have a much clearer and more relevant vision of what to expect, so they can make more informed decisions.

Step 3: Administrator interface for university or school

The Settings platform has been designed to make it easier for higher education institutions to enter information about their courses. For example, when a Course(s) is entered step by step, an overview of changes in progress is available in real time. So, each time a stage is entered or modified, the School can check thepreview in synchronous mode.

From models are predefined for each Graduate to make it easier to enter content. It is also possible to integrate the expectedexpected and targeted skillsbased on the Skills Repository specific to the university or grande école..
Lastly, subjects are displayed by year, semester and level, enabling high school students to plan their studies.
Explorasup plateforme admin cursus formation
Explorasup plateforme admin cursus formation
Explorasup-plateforme admin-parcours formation
Explorasup-plateforme admin-parcours formation
If your School uses the Kosmos K-Sup solution as atraining offer Repositoryall the information required for Explorasup's operation and present in the Repository (course title, summary, type of degree, course duration, disciplines, etc.) is imported and synchronized with K-Sup. In this way, the School benefits from a single source of information.

For universities and colleges using another Repository, a similar mechanism can be set up via connectors already available or under development (Apogée/Pégase, Aurion, Yparéo, etc..).

Stage 4: Explorasup pilot version tested by Université Clermont Auvergne

At the AUVERSUP trade fair and the Université Clermont Auvergne open days, the Educational counselling teams set up an interactive interactive terminal where high school students, their families and teachers could discover Explorasup.
Laurence Gatineau, Head of Educational counselling and integration departmentreports that the tool is presented at student trade fairs:
Parents and High school students were particularly impressed by the product's playful, ergonomic design, with a search by field, a presentation of the course of study, the visibility of gateways and the display of further studies, enabling High school students to envisage their future university career.
According to Pascal Imberdis, Head of Communications, Université Clermont Auvergne :
With Explorasup, in just 3 clicks, it's possible to get an overview of all our courses in the form of a galaxy, as well as the gateways that aren't as easily accessible on our website's Educational counselling catalog [...] now we have a high-quality, attractive and ergonomic site dedicated to Educational counselling.

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