Choosing a team of EdTech experts who specialize in the web and educational issues, and who know your web system and understand your problems, saves time for your teams. This is a real asset in ensuring that your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.

Why redesign your website with Kosmos?

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Optimize your School's visibility by designing or redesigning your website.

User experience

Simplify the user experience by offering the most appropriate information for each profile (future student, student, company...).

Technological continuity

Integrate your web portal quickly and easily into your existing information system

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Universities and business schools: key features for your website

A turnkey business CMS

To meet your content management and publication needs, through a network of contributors in decentralized or decentralized mode.

Our CMS natively integrates a range of content objects and connectors linked to higher education and research: Directory records and LDAP connectors, structure records, research laboratory records, initial and continuing training records, SSO connectors, Apogée, Actul, Harpège, Girofle, HAL, Moodle, Celcat, etc.

This gives your communications department a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool, both back and front office (with simplified data entry for occasional contributors).

CMS Kosmos
CMS Kosmos

A ready-to-use communications intranet

The Selective Information Diffusion functionalities make it easy to deploy a ready-to-use communication intranet. This is supplied with restricted access and/or push information targeted according to the profile of the User and/or the group to which he/she belongs.
intranet de communication kosmos cms
intranet de communication kosmos cms

An integration Portal

The Portal supplied with your website is an open, highly customizable platform. It's easy to get to grips with, particularly in terms of UX/UI design, and can be used to quickly upgrade a website or intranet to a Services portal.

Activatable extensions

Numerous optional extensions can be activated according to the needs of your project:
  • Blog platform Blog platform: Publish your posts in themed blogs, add tags and open up your contributions to comments!
  • Calendars and events Present your events, one-off or recurring, in calendar views filtered by site, theme, etc.
  • Collaborative spaces:Manage workspaces for your workgroups, with document sharing, Mailbox, etc.
  • Online registration:Manage your event registrations with ease: registration period, number of participants, etc....
  • Online payment:Integrate online purchasing with shopping cart management, bank transaction and order tracking.
  • Classified ads:Offer a classifieds service with classification by theme, publication duration, etc...
  • Site factory :This extension lets you duplicate a site template with all its contents.
réservation événements
réservation événements
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