Collaboration with the High school François Mitterrand in Brasilia: tools to facilitate communication and Teaching

Published on June 17, 2019 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 11H36

Gérald Compagnon, Kindergarten Teacher and Referent for Teaching Practices at the High school Français François Mitterrand in Brasilia tells us about the deployment of Kosmos ENT, in place since November 2017. For Kosmos, this collaboration marks the first deployment of its ENT over a distance of more than 8,000 km.

The digital turn

In 2013, the High school Français François Mitterrand de Brasilia underwent a major relocation project. After 3 years of Pieces of work, more than 700 students from kindergarten to senior year discovered a new location in the city's residential area of Lago Sul. It was this move to a more suitable location that marked the birth of the need for an ENT to manage the School and bring in digital technology in a significant way. The School equipped itself with new hardware (Tablets, overhead projectors, computers...) in order to establish itself among a highly connected population.

The question of implementing an ENT then arose, and the choice fell on Skolengo. "I saw in the Skolengo teams a priority on ease of use for everyone. We were looking for a highly reliable solution that was easy to use. "

After an implementation phase lasting just a few weeks, the rollout was completed. Gérald Compagnon observes a real changeover to the solution, a real change in practices for teachers, parents and administrative staff: "Skolengo is becoming an indispensable tool. "

Lycée Brasilia - Kosmos
Lycée Brasilia - Kosmos

Tools to facilitate communication and Teaching

Lycée Brasilia - Kosmos

Thanks to his various roles as a Teaching Practices referent and kindergarten teacher, Gérald Compagnon has put the ENT to many uses. He recounts how he set up a Class space for his kindergarten classes, with a hundred or so interactive applications for parentsto enable them to continue what is being done in the Class. Through Skolengo, parents - most of them tech-savvy - can take advantage of learning videos and applications such as LearningApps. Content adapted to non-French-speaking families, who represent around one in two kindergarten families.

In these classes, the life notebook, which was originally entirely paper-based, is now 80% available on the ENT, making it easier for families to consult on a daily basis. Practices are therefore mainly focused on Teaching and communication with families.

As Teaching Practices Manager, he is in charge of all account management and imports, with a view to automating these in the near future. His final mission, which he takes very much to heart, is to set an example and involve his colleagues in using Skolengo and discovering the Services on offer.

"I often update the tutorial space on the ENT, to share all the things that can be done to help everyone get the most out of the solution. We need to take advantage of experience to better develop Practices. "

And to those who are reluctant to change and use ENT for tasks they used to do without it, Gérald Compagnon replies. "Assignment(s) must be part of our daily lives, and students need safe, reliable spaces to express themselves, protected by the School. Skolengoallows us to rediscover a taste for self-expression and production. It also enables extremely effective communication between all strata of the School and management with much more powerful tools than before. "

Gérald Compagnon's initial assessment is therefore very positive. "Proud and happy to have had something up and running very quickly. Even if we still have plenty of room for improvement, as the project is still in its infancy. "Indeed, there are still many functionalities to be learned and mastered before the solution can be used to its full potential.

We're the first to use Skolengo outside the Paris time zone. It's very interesting to see that navigation is super-easy despite the distance, and we tend to forget that it's a French team that hosts the product in France, and that it works so well in Brazil!