Gesmat secures the distribution of 275,000 computers in the Grand Est Region

Published on September 18, 2019 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 11H36

Since the start of the 2018 school year, Kosmos, a specialist in digital transformation for education, has been supporting the Grand Est Region in its ambitious educational digital plan: High school 4.0.

The aim of this project is to get all the Region's high schools connected, while providing students and the Educational community with all the tools they need to meet their educational challenges.Teaching challenges, hence the introduction of wifi in all Schools and access to a wide range of free Educational resources.
As part of this digital education plan, the Administrator for Access to Resources (GAR) has been set up to guarantee students and teachers access to digital resources via Skolengo, while ensuring the protection of their personal data. After deploying its ENT "My Digital Office in in over 880 SchoolsKosmos has developed a new customized application via Kosmos solutioning to secure the massive distribution of computers to High school students since the start of the 2019 school year..

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Tailor-made digital services to support the High school 4.0 project

As of 2018, the Grand Est Region is experimenting with an initial subsidy scheme for the acquisition of equipment by families. The experiment highlighted the logistical difficulties involved and the need to monitor allocations. Following on from this, in early 2019, the Region decided to extend its scheme and gradually equip all high school students with laptops from September 2019, calling on Kosmos to dematerialize the process. This deployment represents a first on the scale of a Region, and involves real challenges in terms of dematerialization, security and distribution logistics.
Through its Kosmos solutioning activity, Kosmos proposed the creation of a tailor-made educational digital service to support the Region Grand Est in this large-scale deployment.


Kosmos developed and deployed the GESMAT module within an extremely tight four-month schedule. This tailor-made digital application guaranteed smooth, controlled distribution at a very high rate of several thousand units per day at the start of the new school year. The tool was also designed to draw on the various School databases to guarantee up-to-date, legitimate and secure allocation of equipment to Students. Thanks to this application, the Region can build up its stock as closely as possible to requirements, and monitor distribution in real time. In just 3 weeks, 110,000 computers were distributed to nearly 300 High schools. Over the past three years over 275,000 items of equipment distributed to 350 High schools and tracked in GESMAT. The dematerialization of the process and the precise adjustment of equipment stocks represent real savings.

Gesmat facilitates and secures the distribution of computers to Schools

On the first day of the new school year, a quick and easy process via Gesmat application will distribute a computer to each eligible Student.. The distribution process involves just 2 actions for the Student:
  • The Student goes to a first counter where a distributor checks on the GESMAT application and via the barcode associated with his/her name, whether or not he/she is eligible to receive a computer. The eligible Student then receives a pouch with the barcode associated with the computer to be delivered.
  • The Student then reports to the 2th distributor, who scans the barcode given to him by the first agent and hands him a computer whose barcode he scans to keep track of it.

With the scanner, all this information is automatically entered into the application, guaranteeing the legitimacy of the equipment allocation.
The application can cope with a wide range of situations that may arise on the day of distribution. With just a few clicks, the distributor can check whether a Student not on the list is eligible to receive a computer. This is an effective way of justifying to the Student why a PC is not being given out. For example, the Student already received a computer last year, so is not eligible to receive one this year.
The application integrates functions to manage equipment throughout its throughout its lifetime Temporary loan, return, theft, transfer, receipts... From Dashboards enable both the Region and the Schools to monitor the progress of distribution, stock levels and required actions in real time.

With Kosmos solutioning, Kosmos was able to offer a tailor-made digital solution for this large-scale digital transformation operation in education.

tableau de bord GESMAT
tableau de bord GESMAT

Hardware Distribution Dashboard

tableau de bord GESMAT avec filtre
tableau de bord GESMAT avec filtre

Hardware distribution Dashboard with filter option. Here "PC Laptop 2021 -HP 245 G8 (216)