Kosmos accompanies the presidential visit to Poland

Published on February 19, 2020 by Clémentine - Updated on 27 juillet 2020 à 15H57

With the assistance of Business France, Kosmos visited Poland with a French delegation on the occasion of the presidential visit of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. During this visit, the Kosmos team had the opportunity to discover the Polish Education in depth by meeting key stakeholders in this sector.

The occasion to highlight the Skolengo solution, already presented in more than 70 countries, used by 3600 schools and universities and more than 5 million users. Kosmos also profited from this visit for meeting with its client, the International Trilingual School of Warsaw (ITSW) who has chosen the Skolengo EMS (Education Management Software).

Meeting with the International Trilingual School of Warsaw (ITSW), a new Skolengo project

The International Trilingual School of Warsaw (ITSW) has opted for all the modules of the Skolengo solution: teaching, schooling, administration and management, internal and external communication. The deployment of the solution will take place in several waves. The school is equipped today with a timetable. The next deployment will be dedicated to a management and administration module: pre-registration and registration on-line, administrative follow-up of students, billing and depositing of registrations, management of canteen attendance monitoring and canteen billing and registration and payment on-line of school activities. And to finish, the communication, teaching and schooling modules will be put in place in the school.

These discussions with ITSW in particular have provided initial positive feedback from users on the Timetable service.
And especially, the Kosmos teams could collaborate directly with the users from the school before installing the Skolengo management and administration module. This was the opportunity to present to them directly, the new features and to answer their questions. Kosmos offers close assistance for facilitating the handling of the tool by its users.