Meet the Kosmosnautes #18: Emma, Student Engineer at INSA

Published on August 8, 2023 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 11H15

Emma explains her missions and plans for her 5-month Internship at Kosmos in 2023.

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  • Hi Emma, what did you do during your 5-month Internship?

I worked on a project linked to Explorasup, which is an Educational counselling software for High school students. I also worked on a product discovery project using a fairly recent method called F.O.C.U.S.E.D.. It enabled me to add a relevant new functionality to Explorasup. I did all this on my own, with, of course, the support of my colleagues. Then I finished off with a technical implementation of the solution we had developed.

  • What have you learned?

Technically, I've learned a lot thanks to training courses and the help of my colleagues, who introduced me to the various technical tools and always answered my various questions. I've also done some development work myself, which has enabled me to grow and develop my Skills.

I also learned how to communicate and I improved as a person. I worked a lot with live customers and had to learn how to conduct an exchange. This is something you don't get to do at school and I really appreciated it. I'd like to find these aspects again in my next experience.

  • How did your integration go?

First of all, I was introduced to everyone by my tutor, which enabled me to get to know the different teams.We ate together and even did some team-building activities, which made it much easier for me to communicate with all the teams throughout my internship.

My manager, Charles-Edouard, immediately helped me to focus on the subject of my internship and the objectives to be achieved. This gave me a common thread throughout my Internships.

  • What did you like about Kosmos? What were the highlights of this experience?

The atmosphere at work, because it was very friendly and relaxed. Colleagues really help each other out, and that's something I really appreciate.

I also really liked the gender mix. This is something you don't necessarily find in the IT world.

My internship was also very well Boxed text and I had the opportunity to carry out a project from A to Z: from presentation to customers to technical realization.

  • Would you recommend Kosmos to other students?

Yes, I've had a very good experience here. I've really enjoyed working in the field of education. It's something that has given meaning to my work. What's more, I really liked the atmosphere in the company and the varied assignments, so I wouldn't hesitate to tell my friends and family about Kosmos.

  • In your opinion, what are Kosmos' strengths for a trainee?
    • Technical and human skills development
    • Helping each other and sharing knowledge with colleagues
    • Discover the world of education
  • How did your defence go?

Very good! My jury was very interested in my project.

My colleagues also helped me a lot by answering my questions, practicing with me for my oral, giving me feedback on my slide show and also giving me oral communication tips, so I was very well prepared.

My project was very much appreciated by the jury, as it got away from the technical side of things, with a project management and Product Discovery component. They're not used to seeing internship subjects like that, and they really appreciated it.

  • What are your plans and prospects for the rest of your training?

I've finished my studies. At the start of the school year, I'm going to do a civic service or volunteer work abroad for 6 months or 1 year. Once I've completed my mission, I'll start looking for a job as an IT engineer in the field of education or the environment. Indeed, my Internships made me realize that I wanted to work in a field that is in line with my values and that makes sense to me.

  • The digital industry is known for having a majority of men in it. What's it like to work in it as a woman?

In my last two experiences, I was often alone as a woman. This wasn't a problem for me, but I find it more interesting and enjoyable to work with mixed teams.

  • Your best moment at Kosmos?

I can think of several.

The first was when he asked me and a colleague to pitch my Internships project to all my colleagues. This gave me the chance to gain confidence in myself, but also to share what I'd done, on a subject that could help the company.

On a more general note, I really enjoy lunchtime get-togethers with colleagues. It's a very convivial way of meeting different people from different Services.

  • 2 truths and 1 lie about you?
    • I camped in the Amazon rainforest.
    • I'm fluent in Korean.
    • I always sleep with comforters.
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