Renater and the French Ministry of Education place their trust in Kosmos

Published on October 27, 2016 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 11H15

As part of the digital plan for schools, the French Ministry of Education has decided to create a Resources Access Administrator (GAR). The Ministry of Education has entrusted Renater with the management of the GAR project.

GAR education : Gestionnaire d'Accès aux Ressources
GAR education : Gestionnaire d'Accès aux Ressources
GAR is a secure national system for accessing digital resources in schools. It guarantees the protection of the personal data of students, parents and the Educational community during exchanges on the ENT. It offers a single access pointfrom an ENT or a Tablet, to the Digital resources packages to which schools subscribe. subscribed to by schools.

To carry out this contract, Renater and the French Ministry of Education decided to place their trust in Kosmos as part of a consortium of partners.

Over the past 10 years, Kosmos, a specialist in digital solutions for education, has developed a wide range of business and technological expertise. Its knowledge of the education ecosystem and its Skills, acquired through more than 300 projects, are major assets for leading this ambitious project.

Kosmos is involved at several stages.

  • In terms of developmentDevelopment: Kosmos designs, develops and maintains the ENT identity import module for the GAR, leveraging all its FOLIOS know-how in terms of identity management, while taking into account the high volume constraints linked to the very essence of the GAR project.
  • Communication and trainingKosmos is in charge of developing communication and training plans. To this end, it produces all training materials (tutorials, webinars, virtual classes, etc.) and communication materials (information website, GAR event management, brochures, newsletters, meetings with stakeholders, etc.).
  • SupportAttendance registers: Kosmos has set up a call center to provide multi-channel support (web, e-mail, telephone) for IT correspondents at all Schools, ENT operators and Resources publishers and suppliers.

The project will begin with a pilot phase in spring 2017, followed by an initial rollout starting in the 2017-2018 school year.

With the GAR project, Kosmos is once again demonstrating its ability to deliver large-scale projects for the education sector.