SEO: loading time, an essential issue for your website

Published on February 10, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 11H36

Page speed is now an essential criterion for the SEO of your university or college website. Why is this? Because page speed is one of the key elements used by Google to rank your website's content.

With Kosmos solutioning, you benefit from a high-performance website, adapted to the needs of the education sector and based on an open source CMS solution: K-Sup. Our solution meets the challenge of speed, with a loading time of less than 1 second.

Kosmos CMS: page speed under 1 second

Our CMS solution is particularly well suited to higher education Schools and has passed the page speed test with flying colors.

In 2020, theengineering school Centrale Nantes carried out an SEO audit audit of its website, carried out with Kosmos solutioning. Among all the measurement criteria, the site's loading time was analyzed. It was found to be below one second.

This means that for a website created with Kosmoswith optimized content and for which theinfrastructurehosting infrastructure infrastructure, the loading time complies perfectly with Google.

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SEO, page speed and user experience

The page speed of course has an impact on the Ranking of your site's content on Google. The lower the loading time, the better your pages are indexed and ranked in search results (SERP).

Google admits that loading time is not yet one of the most important SEO criteria. However, in today's highly competitive SEOcompetition, we know that every SEO criterion needs to be worked on, as it can lead to higher rankings.

But for 2021, Google is announcing a change in its algorithm giving more weight to the User experience. In fact, the Web Vitals, three quality indicators that measure the experience web users have on a site, are set to change the Google algorithm and SERPs.

Two of these three Indicators, the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and the First Input Delay (FID), are particularly concerned with loading time required to display the page's School Principal content, and the delay between a User's first interaction with a page and the moment when the browser responds.

Apart from the SEO issue, let's not forget that the longer a page takes to load, the less patience Users have to wait for it to load.

A loading time problem? How can I find a solution?

If you identify a loading time that's too long, you need to understand that the problem can have several origins:

  • Solution configuration, specific CSS to be optimized, etc. ;
  • Contributions made to the site, e.g. heavy images;
  • Infrastructure and hosting.

We recommend bringing together all the parties involved (communications department, service provider, IT department) so that they can analyze the situation together and find lasting solutions.

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