Troyes Technical University: user experience at the heart of the digital university

Published on January 15, 2018 by - Updated on 16 décembre 2020 à 15H59

The Kosmos Solutioning teams have designed and produced all of the internet sites for the Troyes Technical University (UTT). To conclude this project, Kosmos placed user experience at the heart of the design by adopting a “design thinking” approach.

In addition, innovative tools such as the course catalogue, the Site Factory, and advanced marketing features are set up to promote the digital communications strategy of the University.

User experience at the heart of Web design

Based on a “design thinking” approach, the Troyes Technical University websites have been designed to provide the user with information most adapted to their profile (future student, student, company, etc.). This methodology is based on user experience design workshops as well as the production of a dynamic prototype illustrating the major user paths. The prototype is then tested by a representative panel of different targets which allows the architecture and the user friendliness of future sites to be defined.

In parallel, supplementary tools are in place to offer the user the possibility of coming back to information considered close and relevant to the content consulted, adapted to their profile in response to the innovative specifications proposed by the school, co-designed by the communication, IT department and the faculty of UTT, specialised in the field.

Campus UTT
Campus UTT

Efficient tools at the core of the digital communication strategy of the university

Kosmos was entrusted by Troyes Technical University with the co-design and production of its new websites, in a partnership of assistance. To promote the brand image of the university and the visibility of its course offerings, the Kosmos Solutioning teams proposed services such as a Site Factory, course catalogue and advanced webmarketing features; the latter being considered as key by UTT for capitalising on its investment.

  • The “Site Factory” simplifies the management of an unlimited number of websites, based on the same graphical layout model promoting the UTT brand. The graphical layout model has varying elements which very quickly allow the institutional charter to be defined on satellite websites. Troyes Technical University thus has control over its image by ensuring the graphical consistency of all of its websites.
  • The course catalogue is itself designed to facilitate student and future student browsing through the school’s course offerings. Thanks to the innovative user-friendly presentation and intuitive browsing, all key information is given on the same page: differentiating elements (rate of employability, rate of success, etc.), how the course progresses (rhythm, number of students, etc.), specific partnerships with particular external structures. The students have an overall vision therefore of the courses that interest them. This new digital tool has already been very well accepted by the University of Nantes.
  • The advanced webmarketing features are integrated into the websites. “Call-to-action” type buttons which encourage students or future students to perform an action on the website: download brochures, make contact with the school or to register online.

Discover the evolution of digital use obtained by the UTT following the publishing of its new websites

  • Decrease of more than 50% in its bounce rate
  • Increase in the average time spent per page (+43%)
  • Rate of transformation of leads: 10.6%