ULB on the road to a "digital university

Published on March 12, 2018 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 11H36

The Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) has chosen Kosmos to overhaul its public web sites, set up its intranet and create a training catalog. This decision was based on the dual technical and business expertise of the Kosmos solutioning team, and its experience in implementing large-scale projects. By signing this project with a major university located in the heart of Europe, Kosmos is pursuing its international development.

The 3 key issues for ULB

The ULB wishes to redesign all its websites in a a "site factory" approach. Beyond the creation of a new web graphic identity, the challenge is to centralize the management of the School Principal site and its satellite sites within a single CMS (Content Management System). The aim is to have a single content Repository, while organizing a wider network of Contributions. The K-Sup CMSan open source CMS/portal solution dedicated to higher education and research, to which Kosmos is a contributor, responds perfectly to these challenges, by simplifying the management of an unlimited number of sites, with consistent ergonomics and graphic universes.

Kosmos certifié Qualiopi

ULB also wants to develop its internal communications by providing its staff with a revamped and enhanced intranet Portal. Thanks to its native selective information distribution Job title, the Kosmos solution makes it easy to create one or more restricted-access websites, and to publish personalized information according to the audiences connected. The solution features a set of connectors for integrating the CMS into the university's information system (IS). Users can thus access all their digital Services.

ULB's third objective is to set upa tool for managing and distributing its training catalog on the web. The training offer, developed by the Kosmos solutioningteams, retrieves data from the Schooling department, and supplements it with information to present and promote the various training courses. It also facilitates contact generation by encouraging students or future students to take action on the site (download brochures, contact the School or register online).

Kosmos, a business partner for ULB's digital overhaul

Kosmos' references in the field of higher education, its proven expertise in implementing its solutions on large-scale projects, and the enhanced technical support provided by its experts were all assets that the ULB appreciated when making its choice.Kosmos' references in the higher education sector, its proven expertise in implementing its solutions on large-scale projects, and the enhanced technical support provided by its experts were all assets appreciated by ULB when making its choice.
  • User-centric websites

    ULB's websites have been designed to provide users with the information best suited to their profile (future student, general public, alumni, staff, etc.) using a "design thinking" approach. This methodology is based on user experience design workshops and the creation of a dynamic prototype, illustrating the main user paths. The prototype is then tested by a representative panel of different target audiences, helping to define the architecture and ergonomics of future sites.

  • Business expertise to publish and promote the training catalog

    Kosmos offers both consultancy and support for the promotion of its training offer. advice and support to define catalog presentation methods (by type of Graduate, by level, etc.). Kosmos solutioning consultants also help set up a decentralized network of contributors, and integrate it with the Schooling information system (management Repository, application/registration solution).

  • A progressive deployment and customization methodology

    To ensure that the project is implemented progressively, Kosmos has adopted an iterative deployment methodology, incorporating agile concepts, to ensure that K-Sup is intuitive to use, that change management and adjustments are made throughout the project, taking into account feedback from users.

Kosmos continues its international expansion

Kosmos, a specialist in digital transformation in the world of education for over 15 years, supports more than 3,600 schools, Secondary schools and High schools, 40 universities and grandes écoles in France, and French high schools in Brazil, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Colombia in implementing digital solutions.High schools in Brazil, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Colombia. By equipping the Université libre de Bruxelles, Kosmos continues to consolidate its international reputation with this ambitious project.