Grenoble INP

User interface at the heart of the School's website redesign project

Who are they?

Grenoble INP, a public higher education establishment, federates 6 engineering schools and co-directs 37 research laboratories, 11 of which are international. The School is a member of the Communauté d'Universités et d'Etablissements (COMUE) "Université Grenoble Alpes" and Groupe INP.

"In 2015, Grenoble INP was ranked 2nd best French engineering school, behind École Polytechnique (l'X) according to L'Usine Nouvelle."Xavier Oster - Multimedia Project Manager, Grenoble INP

Assignment needs

After an in-depth study, the School's management decided to overhaul its entire web system in order to increase its attractiveness and IT security, while meeting emerging web requirements.

"In terms of ergonomics, our sites had been designed in 2005 and were adapted neither to today's screens nor to Mobility."
Xavier Oster Multimedia Project Manager, Grenoble INP

A major project was launched, coinciding with the launch of K-Sup V6. The very first V6 project was launched with the close support of Kosmos R&D teams, with Grenoble INP acting as a beta-tester.

The project

Based on a "mobile first" concept, the ergonomics of Grenoble INP's digital interfaces needed to be rethought, starting with the most restrictive medium, the smartphone, and moving on to the most flexible, the computer.
To enhance the user experience, certain E-services (Agenda, Directory and Route Planner) were also adapted for mobile consultation.

The migration of Grenoble INP's 63 websites to a K-Sup V6 environment was completed in just a few months. In the same year, 250 regular contributors were trained in the new version of K-Sup.


  • 63 websites designed in-house: 46 websites, 17 intranet sites
  • 250 contributors
  • 2.5 million visits per year
  • 10 million page views per year

"In just 2 hours of training, the contributors had mastered the new version of K-Sup. "

Multimedia Project Manager, Grenoble INP


The new version of K-Sup meets Grenoble INP's expectations:"In terms of comfort, ease of use and stability, this new version is a success."The digital manager adds:"The beta-tester position requires a lot of investment, work that is compensated for by the support and attentiveness of the Kosmos teams."

Since its launch in January 2014, the school's new digital showcase has been a hit with users. Initial statistical feedback is also encouraging:"Consultations on tablets and smartphones have risen by 7% in one year, and the number of page views has jumped by 10%."Xavier Oster Multimedia Project Manager, Grenoble INP

Key figures

Founded in 1892

6engineering schools

40 000graduates

37research laboratories, 11 of which are international

217patents and software

Key points

  • Mobility first: Responsive design interfaces designed for the most constraining medium, the cell phone
  • E-services: Mobile-friendly functionalities: Agenda, Directory and route planner
  • GeolocationServices for geolocating all types of locations: UFR, library, laboratory, etc.
  • SecurityPerformance optimization, stability, security updates