Read our trainees' testimonials

Julie, 5-month internship in 2019

- Student in Master 2 Digital Creation and Didactics at the University of Orleans.
- Training Engineering: Julie contributed to the follow-up of our training courses (planning, evaluation records...) and to the enrichment of our pedagogical content (supports, virtual classes, webinars).
- Hired on permanent contract at the end of the internship.

My five months of Internships flew by. I immediately felt at ease among the different teams and that helped me to quickly find my place. I was able to deepen the Skills I had acquired during my studies, and I also learned a lot. I've come away from this Internships with more self-confidence and a lot of great encounters.

Clément, 3-month internship in 2019

-3rd year Bachelor Business & Management student at ISG.
-Business: Clément was in charge of sales prospecting for international schools as part of our business development.

It was a very rewarding internship, both professionally and personally. I was able to develop my knowledge of digital technology and education, as well as professional skills such as phoning and database creation and maintenance. Les Kosmonautes: a top team! A special mention to my tutor, who skilfully accompanied me throughout this experience.

Alexandre, 5-month internship in 2019

- 5th year student in the Computer Science department at Polytech Nantes.
- IT operations: Alexandre led a study on the implementation of a Kubernetes-based container orchestration solution, taking into account the company's operational requirements (availability, maintainability).
- Alexandre was offered a contract within the Group following his internship.

My internship at Kosmos went very well and I received a very warm Home from the teams. On the plus side, I was able to try out all the operational tools used at Kosmos and was not restricted to the tasks of my internship subject. My participation in the various subjects covered by my team (deployment, automation), and the training and advice given by my colleagues, enabled me to acquire a number of Skills that will be very useful to me in the future.

Hélène, 4-month internship completed in 2019

- Student in 3rd year of Licence Informatique at the University of Rennes.
- IT development: Hélène made back-end and front-end technical improvements to one of our products.

I felt well integrated into the team and appreciated the support of my tutor during this internship. He was always there to answer my questions and help me. I also enjoyed taking part in the weekly team meetings. This enabled me to find out more about the life of a project. I was happy with the work I was asked to do and that I did. I was able to experiment with different technologies, some of which I'd never seen before in the Course(s). It was also gratifying to see my developments integrated into the versions delivered to customers.

Soline, 3-month internship completed in 2019

- Student in 3rd year of Licence Informatique at Nantes University.
- IT Development: Soline helped us improve our Dashboard tool for tracking developments and integration platforms.

I was very well received, boxed text and supported. Technically, I was able to discover frameworks that I found particularly useful and reusable.

Eva, one-year Course alternation completed in 2019

- Student in Master 1 Computer Science at Nantes University.
- Testing (IT): Eva was in charge of maintaining and upgrading our automated test campaign.
- 2nd internship with our teams.

I've learned an enormous amount over the past year and met a lot of new people. I consider that Kosmos was my first real professional experience, and it was a great one. Thank you all for your good humor, for the great atmosphere and for everything you've taught me.

Dorian, 5-month internship in 2019

- 2nd year student at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes.
- IT development: Dorian led the study and production of a prototype for a new application.

The atmosphere is pleasant. The Home team and the company contribute to good working conditions. I appreciate the fact that I have autonomy in my work, that I can express myself and develop my ideas.
The Internships exceeded my expectations, as taking part in the design of an application gave me a clear vision of the process of carrying out a project and enabled me to take a step back from my developments. I've learned a lot and feel more confident in my ability to develop and in my understanding of the subjects I'm tackling.