Accrochage GAR: Kosmos supports school resources providers

The Administrator for Access to Resources (GAR) is now the only interface for secure access to resources in schools. Its main priority is to ensure the protection of users' personal data. Now that it has been rolled out to all Schools with an ENT, the GAR is becoming a must-have for Resources providers. Find out how Kosmos is helping school resources providers get on board with GAR.

Why become a GAR partner?

By becoming a GAR partner, you
  • Easily distribute your Resources to all connected Schools
  • Benefit from an attractive brand easily identifiable by Schools
  • Promote your commitment to protecting Student and Teacher data, and simplifying management in schools
Our teams' proven technical experience is at your service to meet the challenge of making your Resources visible within ENT, through GAR.
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Tailor-made support for hooking up Resources to GAR

Kosmos offers customized methodological and technical support throughout the process of "hooking" resources into the GAR, right up to deployment in the EMS (Education Management Software).
  1. GAR membership process
    To begin with, the team will support you in the membership process, notably by making contact with the GAR teams and helping you prepare your membership application.
  2. Technical operations for interfacing with GAR
    We then carry out all the prerequisites and technical adaptations required to interface with the GAR modules. It prepares the definition of the "Notice" file describing your Resources and your target audiences, then ensures the integration of Kosmos solutioning's GAR-compatible Subscriptions management module and Authentication module.
  3. Validation tests when your application is hooked up to GAR
    Finally, our technical experts carry out tests before your Resources are finally hooked up to GAR.

A SaaS solution developed to facilitate GAR hook-up

Schema accompagnement fournisseurs ressources GAR
Schema accompagnement fournisseurs ressources GAR

With Kosmos solutioning, Kosmos develops tailor-made digital solutions for its customers in the world of education.

For our resource provider customers, such as Onisep for whom we have successfully integrated the Onisep Services application into GAR, our team has developed a SaaS solution integrating :

  • A Subscriptions management module which provides the link between your management system and GAR. The module features a School Subscriptions Settings interface, multi-services / multi-offers management, an ERP API for order synchronization...
  • An authentication module which connects your Services directly to GAR. This enables a user to access the serviceaccess the service from their ENT.
This SaaS solution is hosted and managed in France at ISO 27001-certified datacenter.

Kosmos also supported its partner, the Canopé network on technical interfacing of the Etincel of the Etincel application with the GAR.

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