Nantes University

Presenting the range of courses on offer at the heart of the digital university

For the past 50 years, Nantes University has been providing top-level training, and its campuses are a crossroads of knowledge. Multidisciplinarity is in the university's genes.

"To study at Nantes University is to be able to choose from a full range of Educational counselling courses in all disciplines, and to be able to choose between short and long studies. "
Bruno BELLET Head of Educational counselling and training promotion

Every year, the university welcomes some 38,000 students, spread across its 20 UFRs, institutes and schools, and 44 laboratories.

site université nantes
site université nantes

Assignment needs

At the heart of Nantes Université's digital strategy, the presentation of its training catalog represents a major challenge. That's why the university wanted an innovative digital tool to present its training courses, meeting several strategic challenges: enhancing its brand image, making its offer more legible, and converting leads.

"We've been working together for over 15 years. When Kosmos asked us to co-design the new training offer extension, we immediately agreed. "Marc PÉRON Communications Director

In addition, following the introduction of progressive specialization, a key measure of the law of July 22, 2013, the university wanted to offer students a digital device enabling them to build their individual training program and facilitate understanding of possible gateways within courses.

offre de formation université de nantes
offre de formation université de nantes

projet université de nantes
projet université de nantes

The project

With Kosmos solutioning, its tailor-made solution, Kosmos has designed, in collaboration with Nantes Université, the Institut Catholique de Paris and the Université Catholique de Lyon, an innovative solution for presenting training courses, making it easier for students and future students to navigate the site.

  • The first zone is dedicated to key information about the training program: differentiating features, course content, specific partnerships with particular external structures.
  • Each section of the Record is summarized. Buttons allow you to expand and deepen your knowledge of each course: presentation of the course, admission, program, further studies or target career, registration...
  • A fixed menu allows Users to navigate quickly from one theme to another.

A Search engine, based on Elastic search technology, allows search results to be filtered according to predefined criteria: level of Graduate, intended occupation, place of training, discipline...

A genuine communication and marketing tool, the training offer natively integrates "call-to-action" buttons that encourage students or future students to take an action on the site: download brochures, contact the School or register online. A function enables the School's CRM to be synchronized with the Kosmos solution, facilitating the administrative management of these requests.

In response to changes in the national training framework, which calls for gradual student specialization, Kosmos has developed a new pathway-building function. Thanks to this interactive tool, each student or future student can simulate their choice of course, semester by semester, to build their individual training program.

Kosmos helped us formalize our needs throughout the project. Their clear understanding of our challenges and their ability to put forward proposals enabled us to work together on a high-performance module.
ANNE-CHRISTELLE SUIRE, Online Communications Manager


"With the training offer developed with Kosmos solutioning, we communicate more effectively with our various targets thanks to a clear and effective display of our catalog. "
Anne-Christelle SUIRE Online Communications Manager

Several avenues of development have already been identified, notably for the training path functionality. Eventually, students will be able to build their own "backwards" career path, starting with their target profession and identifying the different possible routes to reach it, as well as building their own inter-training path, for example from Bac+1 to Master's level.

The aim of this Pieces of work is to provide a genuine tool to help students with their Orientation.

projet université de nantes

Key figures

38 000students in 2015-2016

8 000new registrants every year

280different degrees

Key points

  • ErgonomicsEasy navigation: overview, fixed menu, key training figures...
  • Search engine: a system of industry-specific filters to guide students in their search for training courses
  • Call-to-actionbuttons to facilitate exchanges between students and the School
  • Learning path: a feature that allows each student to build his or her own program, semester by semester.