Folios, the national e-portfolio solution for Educational counselling

The Office national d'information sur les enseignements et les professions (Onisep) is a public administrative body under the authority of the French Ministry of Education.

As a public publisher, Onisep provides students, parents and the educational community (teachers, CIOs, COPs, etc.) with all the information they need on studies, careers and sectors of activity. With an annual budget of 40 million euros, 550 employees in the Paris region and 17 regional delegations, and more than 15 digital services, Onisep is a key public operator.
Through its information tools (guides, magazines, videos, etc.), websites and multimedia platforms, Onisep provides guidance on Educational counselling.

Assignment needs

Onisep has entrusted Kosmos with the design and production of its e-portfolio services through several experiments based on a digital tool, the "Webclasseur". Centered on the young person's progress throughout his or her Schooling, this online digital tool is designed to help students build their Educational counselling path.

As part of its general roll-out, the service has been extended to all French Schools (30 Academies, 18 Regions, 101 Counties) in the form of a new application called "Folios".

This "Folios" application, an extension of the "Webclasseur", has been expanded and enhanced with new digital services (CV editing, etc.) and new educational paths: future path, artistic and cultural education path (PEAC), health education path and citizenship path.

Today's Educational counselling system enables students to build a coherent career path, helping them to articulate the different stages of their project and to become active players in their choice of educational counselling.

projet onisep kosmos
projet onisep kosmos

The project

Through Kosmos solutioning, Onisep has found in Kosmos a true partner for the realization of the first online digital service offered by the Ministry.
The Kosmos teams were able to support Onisep from the outset of the project, moving from experimentation to the implementation of an industrial SaaS service.

Onisep benefits from Kosmos' expertise in software engineering: tooling, Agile methodology, Educational counselling DevOps. Kosmos' dual business and technical skills enabled us to build a project tailored to the problems of Educational counselling in Schools, in an iterative, responsive and adaptable way.

The service is deployed and integrated into all ENT systems, and is compatible with various identification sources: ENT, ATEN and Arena authentication desks, identity federation (Shibboleth, SAML2.0...), Mobile application MOA (OAuth).

Today, a software and technical architecture approach enables us to meet the challenges of Folios's generalization and volume: over 6,000,000 Users, over 11,000 Schools...

When Onisep wanted to set up a digital solution to support Educational counselling, Kosmos was the obvious choice for its robust architecture.
Bruno ROITELONISEP Information Systems Director


The Folios platform, a tailor-made solution developed with Kosmos solutioning, is the national e-portfolio solution for Educational counselling.

Accessible to all students, this digital service is used in conjunction with teachers to help them discover careers and training.

Based on a high-performance technical foundation, Kosmos has worked with Onisep to create an unprecedented digital service. Its dual business/technical expertise and its ability to carry out custom developments with Kosmos solutioning enabled Onisep to distribute a new service for the entire Educational community.

projet onisep kosmos

Key figures

100% of Regional education authoritiesequipped with this national service

+ 11 000Secondary schools and High schools

6 millionusers

Key points

  • Custom production and developmentMore than 3,000 days of development
  • Interoperability Reply to strong interoperability and standards compliance challenges: AAF import, SDET, identity federationoAuth
  • 100% of ENTs equipped Folios: gradual deployment and integration of Folios into all School ENTs
  • Assistance and support dedicated organization, industrial service...